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MPCE have a Radiological Protection Centre which was established in 1985 and has become a leading provider of radiation protection advice, laser protection safety, x-ray quality assurance and radiation protection training to over 150 NHS and private healthcare organisations.

RPC brings unparalleled expertise offering Radiation Protection Advisory (RPA) and Medical Physics Expert (MPE) services, along with Laser Protection Advisor (LPA) services. Use our expertise to ensure your radiation work is performed in compliance with the UK legal framework.

X-ray and Dental quality assurance testing

X-ray & Dental Performance and Quality Assurance Measurements

Specification of the X-Ray equipment and room design | Acceptance and Commissioning, including Independent Review of Critical Examination and Result | Annual Radiation Safety Survey | Advice on correct disposal route for X-Ray Equipment

Radioactive substance in medical devices

Radioactive Substances and Nuclear Medicine

Act as an appointed Radiation Protection Advisor | Liaise with Environment Agency in the use and disposal of radioactive substances | Calibration of Contamination Monitors | Leak Test Sealed Radioactive Sources

Mammography quality assurance

Mammography Quality Assurance

QA in accordance with the NHS Breast Screening Programme and IPEM 77 standards | Assessment of patient dose and Image Quality | Setting of Local DRLs

Incident reporting

RPC is dedicated to ensuring patients and staff members remain safe and unharmed by radiation effects which are maintained through Incident reporting. For RPC customers only - If you wish to report an incident, please complete this form.

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Diagnostic Reference Level Software

This software is designed to allow users to set and monitor Diagnostic Reference Levels in accordance with IPEM Document 88 (Guidance on the Establishment and use of Diagnostic Reference Levels for Medical X-Ray examinations, 2004).

The user can select from four modalities; General Radiography, Fluoroscopy, CT, PET-CT & SPECT-CT. The method involves taking the mean of an initial sample of dose-area product (DAP) or dose-length product (DLP) values from a range if examinations on average-sized patients as the Local Diagnostic Reference Level (LDRL). The software then automatically sets local DRLs and an investigation level against which the results of future dose audits are assessed.

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Quality and Certification

RPC services are delivered in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard and they were the first radiation protection centre in the UK to obtain this certification.

The RPC John Perry laboratory JPL calibration services are carried out in accordance with ISO 17025:2017 Standard relating to calibration laboratories, for which JPL is UKAS accredited.


RPC services support healthcare organisations to ensure their radiation work is performed in compliance with the following Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations IR(ME)R:

  • The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017
  • The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) (Amendment) Regulations 2018

The Team

RPC team provides expert advice and services to help our clients ensure use of diagnostic X-rays, radioactive substances and medical lasers are safe for staff and patients.


This includes a team of certificated Radiation Protection, Radioactive Waste, and Laser Protection Advisers, as well as Medical Physics Experts with decades of collective experience in radiation.


We also have radiation safety trainers who run a comprehensive classroom-based training course programme to cater for the radiation safety needs of all healthcare professionals and offer a range of online training courses.

Calibration technicians

Specialists in repairing and calibrating radiation measurement instruments (invasive and non-invasive).