The John Perry Laboratory (JPL)

MPCE has John Perry Laboratory (JPL) which provides a one-stop shop for calibration, maintenance, and repair of dosemeters and kVp dividers (non-invasive and invasive) and other equipment used in diagnostic radiology since 1989.

JPL now has two labs for calibrating dose measuring equipment and two for calibrating kVp meters providing a fast and accurate service where pick up and return of instruments can be arranged. All calibration services are traceable with X-ray beam qualities according to IEC 61267.  Download a copy of the instrument calibration application form.

The JPL team offers the following services:

Radiology equipment calibration


Dosemeter | KV meter | Invasive/non-invasive KV Dividers (Radcal Dynalyzer) | Diagnostic Radiology equipment

Radiology equipment repairs

Repair & Maintenance

Dosemeter | KV meter | Invasive/non-invasive KV Dividers (Radcal Dynalyzer) | Diagnostic Radiology equipment 

UKAS Accreditation and Recognition

RPC's Calibration and Repair Laboratory, The John Perry Laboratory (JPL), is now accredited to ISO 17025:2017 "General requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories".

The Laboratory is the recognised Europe calibration and repair facility for the Radcal Corporation, California.